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Semper Fidelis Blend

Semper Fidelis Blend

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Introducing Semper Fidelis Blend, an exclusive coffee from Asociacion Las Naranjos. This coffee is sourced from a tight-knit group of farmers in the area surrounding San Augustin, Hula. The farmers of Las Naranjos adhere to a simple philosophy: what improves the lot of one farmer improves the lot of all farmers.

This coffee is pulped the same day it's picked, then left to ferment in an uncovered tank with very little water for 32 hours. It's washed twice, then dried for 15+ days in a solar dryer.

The end result is a sweet and very clean coffee with a citric acidity that complements the lemon and praline notes. Try Semper Fidelis Blend today and taste the difference quality makes.


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